It’s nice to be able to pull out the warm sweaters and scarves now that the days are getting colder, and man are they getting colder!  I had to attend an outdoor scout activity yesterday for just under an hour and spent the next two hours sleeping on the bean bag in front of the fire to warm my chilled bones.
This next outfit is perfect for colder weather with two sweaters and topped off with a warm scarf!  We both love this long scarf, it has sentimental value.  My sweet sister hand made it for me one year and it is super long and perfect! She would be the talented and crafty sister.  🙂

Oh – and not to forget the beautiful Citrine necklace which happens to be one of many from this her Etsy store.  Click HERE to see more.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Gray turtleneck sweater:  $3
Black winter sweater:  $5
Pants:  $5
Scarf:  Free gift
Shoes:  $5

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