This is a fun outfit for Sunday, and what I love about it is this cool graphic, stretchy sweater!  I love the look paired with this high waisted skirt.
Nothing says “sweet thrifted fashion” like bloody eyed graffiti though, am I right?! 
(Sick of pictures in this cool, old building yet?  We love it!!!)

It’s been an ongoing fight with Sheylee about how much I blink.  You wouldn’t believe the number of photos she has had to delete because my eyes are closed!  I must go around with closed eyes most of my life, because goodness gracious, she would get so upset and say, “Don’t blink!”  All the time!  This is me after she had to say that….. again….

Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday, and refueling your spirit for the new week!

Sweater:  $4
Skirt:  $5
Boots:  $5