I received a new calling in the ward so I no longer work with the scouts, but with the darling young women ages 14-15.  One of the first days together with them, two of them came to me saying there would be a leader initiation. 

I wasn’t sure about that.  Especially when they asked me if I like sausage!

Apparently some others leaders seemed to know what this initiation was all about, but nobody wanted to give me a heads up.  So last night was the night.  I was to arrive to our activity at the church 30 minutes early.
When I got there, they closed the doors, sat me on a chair and then began the interrogation.  As soon as the questions started, I realized that I was in good hands, and that I had no need to worry.
  • I had 30 seconds to name all of the Seven Dwarfs
  • I had 25 seconds to name 5 Disney Princesses
  • I had 1 minute to answer 8 questions about myself, including what my favorite primary song was.
  • I then had to sing that primary song.  (I grabbed them and had them sing with me – while they caught it on video!!)
  • Then came the sausage.  They pulled out a Slim Jim stick that looked something like this:
That’s when it got beautiful.
They told me that our trials are like sausages.  If we decide to swallow the whole thing by ourselves, then it’s going to be difficult.  (And maybe a bit spicy!!)  But if we each take a piece of our trials, and help each other through them, then it’s a lot easier.  They peeled it, and let me take the first piece, then they passed it around and each of them took a piece until it was gone.
Melt my heart.
Honestly, who is the leader and who is the student??? 
At the end, they backed me up to the chalkboard and gave me an artistic crown, and officially welcomed me as their Mia Maid advisor.  


Trying to keep my Bell’s Palsy smile in check…


 But then it slipped right out in this picture…..arrrgh.  :/
I love these girls!!!
**Today I am grateful for new friends with strong spirits and colorful personalities!
Best initiation ever.