I’ve been on the hunt lately for the perfect stencil.  I knew that I wanted to stencil the big vaulted wall in my kitchen, but wasn’t dead set on any particular pattern that I came across.  My taste has evolved quite a bit since I wrote THIS POST last January, so I’m glad I didn’t jump on any of those patterns and have regrets now. 

I love damask patterns, but hadn’t found one that I was in love with…. that is until I came across this gorgeous picture from Kris Jarrett of Driven By Decor:


I don’t mean to be dramatic but it spoke to my soul!
It was love at first sight!
I knew this was the one, there was an instant connection.
This was the stencil I wanted to grow old with.  😉 

I didn’t waste one more day and ordered it immediately!
And if you want it too, you can get one HERE.
Here is the wall…

…wall, meet stencil.

And so it began.
Check back tomorrow for the finished product!

 *Today I’m so grateful for people with creative vision and talent who inspire people like myself!  I don’t ever want to go back to life before Pinterest!  There is so much we can learn from one another, and so much we can share.  Go and share yourself today!