Tonight we sat around the table and had such a great visit.  As we talked about life, kids, and aging, we got talking about a couple of my little aches and pains.  Then my hard working-lifetime-farmer father in law showed us his pointer finger and how it is totally bent and he can’t straighten it or bend it to grip anymore.  This is just new for him in the last couple of months.  He told us how he can’t move his opposite wrist in circles, in fact, he can’t move it at all… it stays completely straight.  He also mentioned that he can’t recall names like he used to, and that things are shutting down on his old body.  

But the very next breath was, “But I’m not complaining about these things!  I’m only commenting on them.  I know a lot of other 90 year olds that have got it much worse than I do!”

It made me stop and appreciate my good health.
I am going to complain less, and comment more.  🙂

What a great example. 
Tonight I am so grateful for these two wonderful examples in life!  I don’t know how I got so blessed to have them in my life!