What do you do on a 5 hour plane ride to Hawaii?  You watch the people in front of you naturally.  We happened to sit behind a woman and a man who I am guessing were boyfriend and girlfriend.  They seemed to be at least my age, the husband for sure.  But what made this couple interesting was the woman.  I am a people watcher and boy, this person commanded attention throughout the flight!
At first I noticed her requesting things from the flight attendants, to the point of annoying one attendant so much, after their conversation, I watched her leave rolling her eyes!
She was constantly playing with her hair, and Rick was convinced that she was actually a man.  He pointed out that she had “man hands.”
I waited patiently for her to run her fingers through her hair again and snapped a picture:
Although they did look a little masculine, I’m pretty sure she was a woman.  We had a fun time trying to figure it out though.  When she got up to use the bathroom at the front of the plane, I  spontaneously shifted my body so I was resting my head in my hands while leaning against the arm rest just so I could get a frontal view as she came walking back down the aisle.  You know, to see if there was any manly evidence.  There totally wasn’t.  Pretty sure she was just a woman with manly hands.
I know I’m not the only person that does this!  #dontjudge
Nothing wrong with trying to figure it out, right?
Anyway, she kept the flight interesting by turning COMPLETELY AROUND in her little seat until she was facing us, and then remaining there on her knees for almost half an hour!  I mean, she was seriously looking over the back of her chair and into our space a couple of times.  Who does that!??   Then leaning over onto her boyfriends’ lap and facing him as if they were sitting on the lawn at the park.  I don’t know about you, but they must have been in the “puppy love” stages of their relationship, because Rick and I love each other, but if I sat like that on him during a plane ride – he would be embarrassed and annoyed!
She really did no harm until she threw her hair back over the seat, and was shaking it with her hands RIGHT OVER RICK’S CUP OF CRANBERRY JUICE!!!
Interesting people.
The flight may have seemed longer without her entertainment.