During our trip to Hawaii, one of the most interesting historical sites we visited was right in downtown Kona called the

Ahu’ena Heiau.

It is an ancient Hawaiian temple that was once the personal place of worship for
King Kamehameha I.  This structure has endured hundreds of years, and Hawaiians ask that visitors show great respect, and not approach the temple.  We were able to take a picture at the gate but that was as far as we could go.  Amazing to think what life would have looked like around this temple hundreds of years ago.  You could jump in the water and go swimming or snorkeling all around this temple and get better close up views, but everyone was considerate of the sanctity of the place, and kept their distance.  It was pretty amazing, and I was happy to show respect for this marvelous structure, because we have a temple of our own that we consider sacred and worthy of great respect.

It also happens to be found in Kona and is one of 149 operating temples throughout the world.  We believe this to be the House of the Lord here on earth.  From the days of the Old Testament, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples – sacred structures where he could teach, guide, and bless them.  This beautiful place is one of my favorites, although they all take my breath away in some form or another. 🙂


I don’t have to walk through the doors of this magnificent and sacred building to feel the peace that accompanies it.  Just walking around the perfectly manicured grounds of the temple lifts my spirits and makes me feel like all is right in the world.


We were a little under dressed here because we were heading to the beach for the day, but I’ll never pass up a chance to stop and enjoy the peaceful spirit of one of God’s holy temples.
This beautiful temple is the one nearest us, and the one we were married in.
This is one that my son has had the privilege of entering in Chicago.
My parents were married in the Idaho Falls Temple:
Hopefully, sometime in the next year and a half while my son is in Daejeon Korea, he’ll be able to visit the temple in Seoul:
This weekend we have the wonderful opportunity to witness the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple that the kids and I got to walk through a couple of weeks ago. Gorgeous!!!
The temple is open to the public to walk through for a couple weeks after it is built, and then once it is dedicated, temples are open for use by Church members who hold a current recommend.
So excited that our family gets to be a part of this upcoming dedication, and so grateful for temples!