Years ago, our little ward made a “Title of Liberty” and went as a group to hoist it on top of a hill overlooking our little town.  We all signed our names on it and there it has stood for years as a reminder of what is really most important in life.  Last weekend my kids and a little friend decided they wanted to climb up to see how it’s doing.  Goofballs. 😉


Of course this is in similitude of one of my favorite stories in the Book Of Mormon when Moroni, captain of the Nephite army, raised a similar banner, called it the Title of Liberty and hoisted it high on a tower to inspire the Nephite people to defend their religion, their freedom, their peace, and their families.


Read the story  HERE.  I love Moroni!  Aren’t we doing that exact same thing today – trying more than ever to defend and protect our religion, freedom, peace, and our families in an increasingly wicked world?  Now more than ever the world needs good families to stand up for what is right!

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Doesn’t it look like it should be hanging from The Black Pearl?  Haha!  Still so awe inspiring though, all tattered and worn.  I think it will get a face lift soon.  But until then, there it will stand in all it’s symbolic majesty.  Have you ever thought of making one of your own?