She showed up at our house in the wintertime about 10 years ago, meowing on our doorstep with the raspiest, most desperate sounding meow I’ve ever heard.  I did not want this sick stray cat hanging around our house, so I told the kids not to feed her, just ignore her, and she would go away.



Well, she never did go away.


One evening, as I was coming home from the introduction of the new Young Men and Young Women’s theme for the year, I saw her on the porch and a thought came to mind.  “Christ would not ignore that cat.”  Oh gee.  I felt a little guilty.  It was a Utah winter, freezing cold outside, and she was hungry.


I went inside and got her a hot dog, and that was the beginning of a long and lovely relationship.  The kids named her Crackers and because of her raspy voice which apparently was her normal sounding voice because it never changed, Rick has lovingly called her anything from Crack head to Crack whore, and Crack pipe.  So classy. 🙂


But we love this cat.  She is the best hunter.  And boy, does she LOVE love.


And boy, do we love her!

IMG_4561 (2)



Outfit details:  When I first tried on these pants in the Forever 21 dressing room, I was like “no way.”  But my daughter looked at me like I was crazy and said “What?! Why not?”  So I looked at them some more, spun around a few times looking at my behind, looked at the price tag, posed in front of the mirror some more, neutral, go-with-everything-this-summer, ok.  Bought them.  I’ve already worn them twice in the past two weeks, and I’m so glad she changed my mind!  I will be wearing these all summer.  I love them!!

(What am I thinking in the dressing room sometimes???)

Wrap around top: Thrifted $4

Cropped pants: Forever 21   $14.99

Shoes: Previously owned

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