I wasn’t going to cry.


I wasn’t even feeling like crying, it was perfect!  My kids have watched me cry enough… when he left… when I got his first email… when we skyped with him…happy tears of course, but still.


So while we were standing at the bottom of the escalator, with our eyes glued to the top watching for his familiar face to come, I was feeling so thankful for the happy and excited feelings I was feeling.  Nothing but fun!  Nothing hard about this!  No tears, just sheer fun!


On the way to the airport we encountered some serious traffic on the highway, moving along at a crawl and coming to a complete stop at times.  Time was ticking as we sat, not moving, on the highway and we couldn’t be late for this!  Each and every time we saw the brake lights on the car ahead of us, a sting ran through my gut.  I was just imagining us running into the airport and finding Sam waiting for us by the baggage claim!  That simply can NOT happen!  How would he feel coming down the escalator, seeing other missionaries reunited with their families, but his own nowhere in sight?  Ugh, terrible! The worst part about it?  Sam’s flight was not on time, but 30 minutes EARLY!!!  When does that ever happen?  If a flight isn’t on time, it’s usually LATE!  I was stressing.

I said a little prayer in my head, that this traffic that was jammed for miles could somehow be opened up and that his flight that was strangely early could somehow be suspended in air for awhile so that we could be there when he came down the escalator. Nothing too specific – haha!  I had no idea how these could be accomplished and even felt a little guilty and ridiculous expecting Heavenly Father to rearrange time for us. So I continued nervously checking flight tracker.  Now I know this isn’t a deep and spiritual request.  Life would certainly go on if we weren’t there to greet him right as he stepped off.  But I also know that our loving Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives and knows and understands the simple wishes of our hearts, and SOMEHOW… we got there with almost 20 minutes to spare!!?

Tender mercies.

Back to the sheer fun.  Our eyes were glued to the top of the escalator, watching for that familiar face.  The whole family, and Kash in spirit!  Or cardboard…


And that’s the last of the pictures I have of his actual coming off the plane, because our bossy videographer told me to put my phone away and enjoy the moment.  🙂  Wise words.  I love our bossy videographer!

Then I heard Kade yell “Sam!”

Then I yelled “SAAAM!!!”

Then everyone yelled and whistled all at once!  There he was!  After two years!

It seemed like it took forever for him to come down the escalator with that big smile of his!

I ducked under the strap and ran to hug my Sammy and then, unexpectedly and uncontrollably, TEARS.  And not pretty tears. Massive tears!  I wasn’t even ready or expecting to cry!  Why was I “ugly crying” so hard?  This was sheer fun Cammi!  Remember???

But this was not “fun,” this was bigger.  This was joy! To have my son where I could see him, love him, and touch him was a GIFT!  That he was protected and watched over for two years  is a GIFT!  That he’s back home safe from Chicago, a GIFT – and yes, he’s a man… he can take care of himself, but he will always be my sweet boy.  My heart is so thankful and the whole family couldn’t be happier that he is home.



I told him “Don’t be alarmed or bothered if I happen to randomly squeeze you or if you catch me staring…”  He’s indulging me, bless his heart, because right now I can’t get enough of him!

See the fun video of this day HERE.