The Perfect Flower Bed Tree

Back when we built our house I had no idea what I was doing as far as landscaping goes.  There was a little place in front of my porch that I wanted to make pretty, but was asking everyone else “What should I do here?”  I had sooo many opinions and suggestions, but none of them seemed to strike a chord with me, so I finally just went with a few things I knew I liked, and those were roses, a little tree, and a boulder.


Now as I’ve become more of a seasoned gardener (and by seasoned I just mean I’ve seen more things that I like)  I am so happy I made those choices, because I still love them!


The tree is a Weeping Mulberry tree and it takes center stage.  It looks great in winter or summer.  Not that it has leaves in winter, in fact it’s straight sticks!






But it’s still pretty shapely nonetheless.  I wait until Spring to prune it mostly because I love the weeping look all through the cold months.



Then prune it I do, and I don’t go easy!!!  After I am finished and I take a step back to view my work, I usually always have a sting of panic shoot through my body that I may have pruned it too much.  Oh boy….


Please don’t judge the shape…  it’s a result of a few too many years of pruning it myself.


The good news?  You can downright chop it right off and it will still grow cascading branches with beautiful glossy green leaves every time.  Check it out just about a month or two later…




During the summer months I like to clip the bottoms of the branches maybe once a month, just to keep them from reaching the ground and spreading outward like octopus tentacles in the flower bed.  This gives the tree a nice umbrella shape that is very becoming and manicured, in my opinion.  However, this year Rick asked that I don’t clip it, and leave it long… don’t tell but I did clip it once, but very close to the ground so he wouldn’t notice.  Seriously… it will grow 4 to 5 foot long tentacles out along the sidewalk!



Can you believe all that new growth?


Who knew it was so ugly underneath, right? 😉

Another cool thing about the Weeping Mulberry tree is that you can make it grow to be whatever size you want.  You can train the branches upward so it grows taller, or you keep it small.  I don’t want mine to be huge because it’s right in front of my kitchen window.  This tree is probably 16 years old, but it’s still cute and manageable.  It would still be super short if I didn’t let that one branch grow all wonky.

Anyway, if you are considering an end of season tree purchase this is a good one!  I’m off to find something to do.  My whole family is either gone camping, gone with friends, gone to work, or gone hiking.  I’m bored and lonely so maybe I’ll plan my case lot purchases or something wild and crazy like that.