Spring cleaning and it feels so goooood! <—-sung to the tune of “Reunited.”   I’m shaking off the pounds and purging the excess in my life.  Because boy, I just don’t need the clutter and the stress of it all!


Can I hear an amen from the clutter chuckin’ sista’s in my life???


While I was helping some neighbors move and pack up all their stuff recently, it made me antsy to clean house in my own abode and get rid of stuff that has accumulated over the years that is serving NO purpose.  NO PURPOSE!  Why do we hang onto stuff??


The first project: Master bathroom.  Every. Single. Drawer!  (and cupboard)


Why do I have 11 different “red” fingernail polishes?

Why do I have 8 pinks, 7 blues, and 10 whites for crying out loud??  There are not even different SHADES of white, are there???  It’s just WHITE!


Why am I keeping old makeup that I never use, or lotions?

Well, no more I tell you.  It’s all gone.  Thrown away and I don’t even feel bad about it!  In fact, quite the opposite.  Think about this… when you go to a hotel, you only take the things you use, right?  We just got back from a few vacations this winter and I took what I needed in my suitcase.  So why do I have drawers and drawers full of crap that I don’t use?  I’ll tell you why… it’s not all crap.  There are some things that we use on occasion that we really should keep, for example masks, teeth whitener, pocket kleenex, and jewelry cleaner to name a few.  I did keep those, but the rest was just taking up space and causing me stress!


My bathroom is beautiful now!  I ordered a few things from the container store, to further organize the insides of my drawers which haven’t come yet, but now I feel at peace…in that room, anyway.


It’s clean, not much on the counter top; I can wipe it down without having to move a bunch of whatevers, but most importantly, the insides and hidden spaces are clutter free!!


True, this room is in need of some updates which are in the plans, but for now, I’m happy and on to the next room..


…my 13 year old daughter’s bedroom!

Hope you are all finding joy in spring cleaning!