I was just leaving the temple one afternoon in January when I got a call from my boys.  Kash’s voice came on and said, “Mom!  I have a big surprise for you!”  I was suddenly so excited I could hardly wait and replied, “For me??? WHAT?!”

“I broke my collar bone!”

This pic was in the emergency office on the mountain, still with all his snow stuff on.


Um…. not my kinda surprise…

They had been snowboarding that morning and he was attempting a ground trick when he caught the front edge of his board and it slammed him to the ground.


It was a clean brake and completely displaced, so he needed to have surgery to put it back together with a metal plate.


Thanks to a recommendation from a doctor friend, we found a “perfectionist” orthopedic surgeon and the surgery went very well.


Just coming out of anesthesia..


Now he is in recovery, and not moving his arm much at all, while his little bone heals.  Bless it’s little fractured heart.


IMG_0022 (2)

His stitches are out now and the bone is in full on recovery mode, I’m just sure of it!



The UP side of this whole thing was that while Kash was unable to do much, the 2018 Winter Olympics were going on in Pyeongchang South Korea, so WIN WIN!  He was able to watch all the great events, including his favorite Slope Style, AND where they were being held in South Korea, he was able to see more of what had been his home for two years.


He only wears the sling now if he’s going to be around a lot of people, just to serve as a reminder.



He gets excited over silly little things like going to pick up the kids from school with me….or going to the grocery store with me! Ha! He attended an audition with me in Salt Lake, and even went to all 28 homes in the St George Parade of Homes with Shey and I.  You can read about that here.

Here’s to fast healing Kash! Meanwhile… we just got another really.  Good.  Snow.  :/