This morning’s walk was absolutely refreshing!  A light rain was falling, I had just eaten a great breakfast, and the air smelled DIVINE!!! As I walked, feeling so good and smelling the fragrant air, I got thinking about heaven.


I was thinking about some sweet family members who have passed on and I got wondering what they were doing at the exact moment!  What were they doing right at the same time that I was thinking about them?  I know that heaven is a wonderful place, and the joy is incomprehensible for us here on earth, but in this moment, in the rain, with my dog, I couldn’t imagine my loved ones having near as great a time as I was having right then.  I breathed in another deep breath of fresh, spring air.

I know, these pictures don’t look SUPER FUN do they? Ha!  But what you can’t see in these pics is how great I felt!


Everything was perfect, and I was perfectly happy on my little walk.  I came to the conclusion that I guess the point is that we should always be content in the moment.  Recognize the moment, see the little things, smell the air, and breathe.


Take a deep breath, fill those lungs with air, and have a great day!