Do you need something to be happy about?  I get really excited when I have something to look forward to, because hello, as a mom we are ALWAYS doing things for everyone else; serving our families, serving in church callings, or serving at the school.

It’s awesome to be busy serving our loved ones, but how about rewarding ourselves once in awhile with a subscription box of Brigitte’s favorite things from Sexy Modest Boutique?  Brigitte is just the cutest thing, have you seen her?!  I feel like whatever things she loves, I might love too!  This box will be delivered to your door once a month and it is full of fun surprises that will make you feel loved and happy.  Trust me!

And here is the kicker… they sell out every.  Single.  Month.  However, they have saved a few extra boxes just for YOU ALL, so if you would like to get a box of awesome surprises delivered to your door every month, click right HERE.

Here is a short video showing what was inside this month’s box.  Fun stuff!!  A huge thing that I left out was that she also included a 10% off code to use on the site!!  How cool is that? Please excuse the abrupt cutoffs, this was originally posted on my Instagram story so that’s why they are filmed in short 15 second segments. 😉