Any white girls out there?  (And I don’t mean that in a racial way) 😉

I am seriously a WHITE girl!  Especially around February and March.  So, this was the perfect time of year to test a new self tanner, Tanceuticals, even though I already have and use a high end product that has been deemed “the best” by the regional rep skin care lady in SoCal over the Ulta stores.


We headed down to our annual Parade of Homes trip in the sunny weather and I took the entire line with me; the “Everything You Need” kit, which includes the following.  Click on any one of these to learn more:

And let me just say that I was as white as a ghost before applying.

IMG_1333 (2)


I’ll also say that I had a little love affair with these products! To get right to it, here are THREE reasons why, in my opinion, there is a new “best” in my bathroom cupboard.

Oh!  And if you don’t believe me, click here to see where they are rated #1 self tanner!!

Oh!  And you can get the entire set of Tanceuticals for just a few more dollars than I was paying for just the high end lotion only!!!


REASON NUMBER ONE:  Even though sunless tanners claim they don’t smell, they always smell.   And I get it, the ingredient that turns you into a bronzed babe has that smell.  This one though?? DOES NOT SMELL!!!  Ok now, if you were reeeally trying to smell that smell, you might find it… barely.  But I seriously didn’t even notice the smell at all.  It doesn’t shout out at you like others do, or cause ladies sitting next to you in church say to each other, “Eww… what’s that awful smell??”  Yes, that is experience talking.  Embarrassing…


REASON NUMBER TWO:  The Pre-Tan Exfoliator is probably the most luxurious thing I’ve ever done to myself!  EVER!! It’s better than any salt or sugar scrub I’ve ever used, plus it doesn’t contain the oils that those do which will linger on the skin and prevent the tanner from absorbing.   It has naturally exfoliating apricot powder and little gritty things (you know what I’m talking about?) and it even turns into a gentle, subtle lather that is so soft and smooth, seriously, I’ve never used anything so wonderful!!!


REASON NUMBER THREE:  You know how your sunless tan wears off and gets all splotchy?  The Everyday Tan Extender is a great moisturizer on the days following your tan application, but it also has a tiny amount of DHA (the active ingredient) in it which covers over any splotchy areas so you are NEVER SPLOTCHY!!  I want to use this every single day as a regular lotion because it smells so good and leaves my skin so moisturized, and a side benefit is that you seriously would never be splotchy! Game changer right there.


Those are just my three big reasons.  I also loved how the Wash-Off Bronzer just enhanced my tan when I felt like I needed a little extra cover.  The tanning mitt is an absolute MUST!  Never self tan without a tanning mitt!  The lotion smooths on more evenly than if you use your hands.  I have never used a tanner on my face in the past because I have been too worried I will look like an oompa loompa!  However, the Tanceuticals Face Lotion was the perfect color and made me look like I just got sunkissed by a tropical vacation!  You can bet I will be buying more of these awesome products and I highly recommend Tanceuticals!  Click here to learn more.

Do you need some self tanner for the upcoming spring and summer months??

The company has generously offered to give away an EVERYTHING YOU NEED KIT IN DARK to one of my blog readers or instagram followers!!! Head over to my instagram and tag your two “white” girlfriends or leave a comment below telling which of the above products get you most excited!  Winner will be announced on Monday!

Have a great weekend!