Twenty Week Challenge

This upcoming Monday marks almost exactly 20 weeks before the official start to summer, when the kids get out of school, and I am ready to start a twenty week challenge of my… Continue reading

White Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies

If you love cheesecake, which I dare say could be most of the world, then you will love these little cheesecake cookies!  The cheesecake in the middle with the added fruit topping are… Continue reading

Get A Dog Or A Cat

#4 of 365 Ways To Be Happy You notice this post is not titled “Get A Pet?”   That’s because a hamster or a tweety bird is just not going to give you the… Continue reading

Eat An Elite Performers’ Breakfast

By now I think everyone understands the importance of eating a good breakfast but in case you don’t, I really like this list of 10 reasons. For me, I don’t feel quite right… Continue reading

Picture Your Best Self

Today I attended the funeral of the father of my dear friend.  It was one of the most inspiring funerals I have ever been to!  It is always amazing to me how a… Continue reading

365 Ways To Be Happy

Before I get to this post, I just wanted to share a few things that I’m grateful for. Over the last week, I’ve had a couple of things happen that have really got… Continue reading

3 Day Detox

About 6 months ago, I jumped on the detox bandwagon and took the ride of my 45 year old life! I had heard about detoxifying your body, and all the good that it… Continue reading

Winter Ice Skating!

We are trying to stretch out the very last of our Christmas break fun by spending our last night of vacation on the outdoor ice skating rink!  It’s been YEARS since I’ve been… Continue reading

For the New Year…

 Happy 2014 everyone!!! I absolutely love this time of year!  I love to make new resolutions, and make plans to carry through with them.  Maybe it’s because I have so many areas in… Continue reading

Family Home Evening – Soaking in Mineral Springs and Pre Party Prep

So tonight we are taking the family to one of our favorite places on EARTH, and that is  the Riverdale Hot Springs in Preston, Idaho! We love to go there on Monday because… Continue reading