Family Home Evening – Dinner With The Missionaries

It’s always an absolute pleasure to have the missionaries in our home and tonight, these two missionaries did not disappoint!  FYI…(because I would want to know) we served porcupine meatballs, green salad, cold watermelon, hot rolls and rainbow sherbet for dessert! Yum!
Neither of these missionaries had ever had porcupine meatballs (can you imagine?!) but ate them up and asked for more!!
They always leave a such nice message for our family, but what makes the greatest impression is the way we feel while they are here.  The Spirit they bring with them and their quiet, humble power is a joy to be around.  I snapped a picture and emailed it to their mothers. 😉
What a great example for my own “soon-to-be” missionary, and all of my kids for that matter!  Only a couple more months until Sam leaves us to serve the people of Chicago!

If you haven’t had the missionaries in your home lately, I would highly recommend you call your ward mission leader and get on the list!  Or, if you don’t have a ward mission leader, you can go HERE to request a missionary visit.
…And they always appreciate a good meal!!


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