Stairway Reveal

Ohhh happy day!

It’s done and I love it!!!

But it wasn’t easy!
This stairway upgrade was a challenge, mostly because of the huge walls over the U-shaped stairway which made it very difficult to reach and nail in the planks.  However,  with some ladders, some extension poles, and some guts, I did it!
And when I say “I,”
I mean “Rick and I,”
because he has longer arms that were able to reach the far away spots that I could not get to, without putting my life in danger!

Remember how it looked before?  Oh how I just LOVE a good ugly before shot!

Here’s the after!




This is the where Rick rode in on his gallant steed, and saved me from the middle of that wall.

I wont lie, acrophobia runs deep in my body, so there were a few times I thought I was gonna die up on that ladder when I had to let go and hold my brush in one hand, and the paint cup in another…

Which makes it that much more of an accomplishment in my eyes!


This stair rail posed a challenge as well, so we decided the easiest thing to do would be to square it off in a pillar form, rather than try to cut planks around the rail.  I think it gives it a nice finished edge!


Those who love red may not like the transition back to plain white, but I love it and here’s why.
This stairway has no windows and very little natural light.  The day I painted it red, it took one walk downstairs for me to realize that I hated it!  It closed it in and made it feel very dark.  I knew I wanted a light and bright color in this area, and the addition of the planks makes a beautiful statement wall!

Let’s take a look at a few side by sides.
It’s the same carpet…  don’t know why it looks so different in these pictures!



I just LOVE this look and am so happy I took on this humongous challenge.  I’m learning more with each project and just like a drug addict, the more I do, the more I want to do!!!
I’m becoming a trim addict!

You can see more of this project HERE.
Just wait until you see my next project!  My heart literally skipped a beat!



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