7 Days of Teacher Clothes – Day 5…

teacher clothes

Hey there! If you’re new here, I am sharing 7 days of teacher clothes and outfits that are easy to copy with items in your closet. But if you’re in the market for something new, they are also available to purchase.  Today is a simple jeans and sweater combo topped off with a lightweight denim jacket.

Teacher clothes Day 5

Go to your closet and pull out your favorite pair of jeans.  In the photo below, I am wearing a baby flare. It’s a subtle flare, not anything crazy. They are a high rise, soft denim flare with nice stretch for a comfortable fit.

I paired the jeans with a lightweight crew neck sweater in a camel heather color but it comes in TONS of other colors.

My outfit is topped with a GREAT lightweight denim jacket in white that also comes in light blue, dark blue, gray, and black.  I have HUGE love for this jacket!! I don’t know if you can see the cool brown stitching, but it’s there and it’s COOL! Another really awesome feature is that it has more of a peplum fit instead of the traditional boxy denim jacket.  So, it’s super flattering!

teacher outfits

jeans  |  sweater  jacket  similar shoes

Here’s another example of some great teacher clothes below.

This particular pair of jeans below has a bit more “flare” but still very classy and super flattering because they really hold you in!

I paired them with a darling Fair Aisle sweater!

Throw another white denim or light denim jacket over the top if it fits, as this is a little thicker sweater.

teacher outfits

jeans fair aisle sweater  |  booties

One more idea!

This short sleeve sweater is sooo soft! I can’t say enough about it.  I love the buttons and the sleeves.

I love the look of the lighter wash jeans here with the pretty cream colored sweater. These jeans don’t have as much stretch if that’s important to you.

Don’t forget to throw THIS darling peplum denim jacket over it!

teacher outfits

jeans  sweater  |  similar shoes

One last idea

Here is a similar idea of inexpensive teacher clothes.

teacher clothes

jeans  |  sweater  |  jacket  booties backpack earrings  bluelight glasses 


That’s it!

Be sure to watch for Day 6 coming soon!

Check out Day 4 HERE.




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Leslie Susan Clingan
1 month ago

I have been away from blog writing and reading and just returned to it this week. I am way behind on your teacher clothes posts and will remedy that right now. Have been substitute teaching so I can justify buying new clothes!!! Went through my closet today and purged probably 30 things. But there’s more work to be done. Will try to finish up tomorrow. Love the way you have built today’s outfits around denim. For a while our district didn’t allow denim at all but it came to its senses and jeans are permitted now. Your sweater tops and… Read more »

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
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