emergency cleaning kit

Do you have an emergency cleaning kit?


I didn’t.

But I do now, here’s why.

emergency cleaning kit

When a disaster happens, I like to watch how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints responds.

One of the very first things sent out, besides food and hygiene kits, are emergency CLEANING kits.

Check out this video of the Church’s response to the people in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence.

All of the items that I have gathered for my cleaning kit, that you will see in the video, came from the Church’s Emergency Response Supply Order Form.


You never know.


Who knows what kind of emergency might come our way?

Will I ever even need an emergency cleaning kit?

Having just experienced the craziness of Covid 19 and the global pandemic it caused, I say the answer is YES!!!

It was right at that time when I was gathering supplies for this kit and I couldn’t find several of these items.

After waiting it out for several weeks and checking each time I went to the store, I was finally able to gather each item on the list.


Do it now!


That’s the moral of this story.

Don’t wait for the disaster to happen before you start gathering, or you may be out of luck!!

Put it together now and then enjoy the peace of mind that preparation brings!

Check out my video below to see the list of suggested items.

If you’d like to follow along on my monthly food storage prep, check out what we are storing for the month of June HERE.  And follow along each month for ideas on what to store.

Every little bit is more than you had!

Keep it up!



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