Holiday Dips

Holiday dips
My kids have informed me that all they want for our New Year’s Eve party are dips.  Dips of every kind!  Does your family like holiday dips like mine does?
I told them to pick their two favorites, but they couldn’t narrow it down, so I guess we will be having four and sending the leftovers home with my college student!

Here are the four favorites:

Fruit Dip 
This is so good and super easy as there are only two ingredients!  Instead of plain cream cheese, I use strawberry cream cheese to take it up an extra notch of yummy!

This one is seriously dangerous, even if you don’t like spinach you gotta be careful because you might not be able to stop!  We use this recipe, but one bunch of chopped green onions and an 8 oz. can of chopped water chestnuts make it divine!!!

Chili Cheese Dip
We tried this as a sample in a grocery store once, fell in love, bought the 3 ingredients and went straight home to make some for ourselves!  The grocery store recipe used a 15 oz can of diced tomatoes with green chilies instead of the small can of chopped green chilies in this recipe, and to me it makes all the difference!

Photo and recipe from Taste of Home


7 Layer Dip
This is one of America’s favorites, and everyone has a recipe of their own, but that tells you just how popular it is!  I love it with lots of extra tomatoes!

Photo and recipe from All Recipes


Here are a few more that we like:

Vegetable Dill Dip
Always so many good recipes on this site!

Photo and recipe from Six Sisters Stuff


Buffalo Chicken Dip
I like having a little bit of meat in my dip!  Use Franks Red Hot pepper sauce and celery sticks.  Mmm tastes just like buffalo chicken wings!

Photo and recipe from Taste of Home

Holiday dips


Sausage Dip
I have a sausage dip recipe that is to die for and I will have to post that some day, but this one is similar and sounds oh so good!

Photo and recipe from Better Recipes


Hope that helps you!

Now I’m off to make 4 dip recipes!  Oh for the love of children.

Happy New Year everyone!

**Need holiday drink ideas? Click HERE for my top picks.**


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