You know the smell when you walk into the mall or basketball games and smell the delicious nut vendors?  I want to eat that smell!
So, I thought what better gift to give my Visiting Teaching sisters this Fall than a bag of delicious cinnamon sugar nuts? So I decided to make some nuts for the ladies.  Everyone loves nuts, and if they don’t, they should…in my opinion.  🙂
Some nuts for the ladies


 I found several recipes that sounded good, but decided on THIS one, and oh boy they were good and made my house smell sooo good and cinnamon-y!

Some nuts for the ladies

So thankful I had to give them away so I didn’t eat the whole pan…because it’s something I would do.  This is the time of year I start snacking on nuts, pumpkin seeds, and Halloween candy.  Then I wonder why I am 10 pounds heavier in January?!

October is almost over, but these would be just as good for November gifts for those you plan on visiting.  Anything is cute wrapped in a cellophane bag, but candy coated nuts make a stellar treat!
Go make some nuts for the ladies in your life!

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