A Parent Teacher Conference To Remember

So, parent teacher conferences were the other day, and it turned out to be quite a unique experience!  I had Calli with me, for some reason that I can’t remember, but she didn’t mind walking the halls of the high school and seeing all the big grownup kids, probably imagining it being her one day…
Anyway, first stop was the Seminary building, because they are the first to close everyone loves Seminary the most!
Up on the wall was this huge map of the world with all the seminary kids’ mission calls!  I immediately looked for Chicago and there was Sam’s name!  How cute that the teachers do this!
After meeting with the seminary teachers, we went into the gym and met with all the other teachers, all but one.  Kash said he had to go into the ceramics room to meet with this teacher, and that he would get extra credit if he got “his mom’s hands dirty.”  I thought it sounded fun.  He also got extra credit if he brought some food, which I had not heard until we were walking down the hallway to the class room.  When we walked in the room, there was a big plate of hot dogs…..do you see them?  They were big fat ones…and some a little crispy…ugh…
Obviously a man’s buffet, can you imagine eating anything off this table?
Turning the other direction was this long table of full of chips and cookies…
and buckets of mud, apparently.
There was Beatles music playing loudly…. (which I actually loved!) and then get a load of this teacher!  He just sat there in his little corner of the room, working on his little spindle clay turner thing, not paying attention to ANYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM!    
I had to laugh as I thought, “is he for real??”  I got thinking, so is all this food for him?!  Because there was nobody else eating it!
Hahahaha!  It was weird.  
I went over and said hi, told him that I was Kash’s mother, he said “nice to meet you”, he told Kash to get my hands dirty, and went right back to his little clay pot or whatever he was making!  We never talked about grades, good behavior, Kash’s angelic presence in his classroom…. none of that.  
So funny!
Or weird…. I couldn’t decide.
So Kash went over and got a big block of clay for us to try our hand at the wheel. 
Kash was a very good instructor.  Calli was an excellent student.  Mine however, was a mess!  I didn’t get a finished picture of it, because my hands were all muddy.  But what a fun time we had together, the 3 of us, listening to the Beatles, and playing with clay on the spinning wheel.  (Or whatever that thing is called.)  I couldn’t help but feel like Demi Moore for a moment in the movie Ghost.  🙂
Definitely the most interesting (and fun) parent teacher conference so far….

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