One of the best things about Easter…

Rocky Road Easter Eggs!
My sweet Grammy used to make these for each of us, ALL her grandchildren, with our little names across the top in icing.  One of our family’s favorite traditions!
I knew it was something that I wanted to learn to do, but she didn’t really have a “recipe.” She just told me verbally how to do it.  🙂
So, when Grammy got a little older and didn’t have the energy or desire to make them anymore, I made one for her!  Here I am presenting her with a rocky road egg that I made just for her. I felt very self-conscious giving this to her because mine is not nearly as beautiful as hers were.  But she loved it, and that made me happy!!

Each year they turn out a little different…

Here are 2011’s eggs:

The large ones feel like a brick with all of that milk chocolate!

Here are 2012’s eggs with an awful green color I accidentally bought…


This year I made the kids each one of their very own:

Who wouldn’t feel lucky to get one of these babies?

They felt so lucky!

We took one over to my in-laws the other day, and my sweet father in law practically jumped out of his chair!  They love these little Easter traditions, too!



I’m so happy to be able to carry on my Grammy’s legacy!


Do you want to try your hand at Rocky Road Eggs?  I put a little recipe together the best I can, but like Grammy told me, “Add more or less, depending on what you want.”


Rocky Road Easter Eggs

(Click here for a printable)


You will need roughly 48 ounces of good chocolate or at least 4-5 bags of chocolate chips.

2-3 cups colored mini marshmallows (or more)

2-3 cups chopped pecans (or more)

Royal Icing, tinted different colors (One egg white and enough powdered sugar to make it piping consistency)

1 (ea.) large, medium, and small egg molds.  These can be purchased at any specialty kitchen store, usually in a kit.



Slowly melt about 12 ounces of chocolate.  Do not add marshmallows and pecans to this!  This will be the plain chocolate to coat the egg molds.

Spray egg molds lightly with cooking spray.  Spoon melted chocolate into molds and spread until coated evenly.  Place molds in freezer briefly to set the chocolate.

Melt the rest of the chocolate slowly.  Do not get it too warm, or your marshmallows will melt.  When chocolate is completely melted, I like to take it off the heat for a bit, before adding the marshmallows and pecans.  Stir all together to incorporate.  This is where you will need to eyeball it depending on your preference.  I like mine pretty full with nuts and marshies.

Take out the chocolate coated molds, and fill each half with the rocky road mixture.  Put the two halves together and return to the freezer or refrigerator until set.

When completely set, remove molds and decorate with Royal Icing, being sure to cover the seams.


P.S.  If you like strawberries, click HERE!


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