Just For Teens – Christmas 2022…

just for teens

These are the fun ones to shop for, in my opinion. I love my teenagers!!! I’ve gathered some ideas just for teens that they have asked for over the years and some of the most current ideas that they will love!

Christmas gift ideas just for teens

I still have teens so I know these are relevant.  They are actual things they have asked for. This graphic is packed full because it is full of gifts for both genders.

just for teens


  1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million  Fragrance – This is the hottest fragrance for young men.  It’s gone viral on Tik Tok!
  2. Converse Sneakers – I overheard my daughter say, “I could never have too many Converse.”
  3. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – They’ll clean their room if they can turn their music up. 😉
  4. Bob Ross Socks – I don’t get this one, but young kids are NUTS for Bob Ross right now!
  5. Shower Bluetooth Speaker – Maybe they’ll get up earlier if they can look forward to music in the shower!
  6. Gaming System – These little things will always be popular.  And they don’t need wifi to play!
  7. Vintage Record Player – Isn’t it so cute? Grab a Taylor Swift or Harry Styles vinyl record!
  8. Electric Guitar – Both my teenagers are asking for one of these this year!
  9. Extra Large Caboodles – My daughter used this for years as her makeup and skin care storage.
  10. Ariana Cloud Perfume – Another viral perfume that teenagers love and smells so good!
  11. Headphones and Remote Talk In Line Cable – For the gaming teenager.
  12. Polaroid Instant Camera – Teens love to take pics of their friends and hang them all over their rooms!
  13. The Puffer Phone Case – I mean… they can wear their puffer coats and match their phone! How fun is that?
  14. MAC Compact – The perfect colors for teenagers just starting to wear makeup and even for older girls!
  15. Sequin Roller Skates with Light Up Wheels – These would make any teenager happy!
  16. Vanity Mirror – It’s WAY more fun to get ready in a mirror like this than a regular bathroom mirror!
  17. Large Display Digital Camera – There will be no question that it’s time to get up with this cool clock!

Tell me what you are getting for YOUR teens!

Find a full gift guide just for the man in your life HERE.


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just for teens


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Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
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