Non Alcoholic New Years Eve Drinks

New Years Eve drinks
I’ve been all over the web looking for a great drink for our family’s New Years Eve food party,  If you are looking for some great non alcoholic New Years Eve drinks,  here are my top picks!

 Holiday Punch II

Holiday Punch II Recipe
* sounds delicious with pineapple juice in it*

Cranberry Lime Spritzer

*anything with a last name of “spritzer” sounds an extra level of delicious to me*

The Perfect Thanksgiving (Holiday) Drink

An easy holiday cocktail {with a non-alcoholic version, too}. Impress your guests without much fuss! Only three ingredients.
*this is pretty similar to the previous one, but adding Martinelli’s sparkling cider to the cranberry takes it up a notch*

Sparkling Breakfast Punch

non alcoholic New Years eve drinks
 *orange, pineapple, and pomegranate juices in this drink sound so very tropical*
 Dole Pineapple Whips
  *ahhhh…this reminds me of my first (and second, and third) trip to Hawaii!  Mmm come to mama*
Strawberry Pina Colada
  *this is the childrens’ pick so far*
Sonic Grape Limeade (Copycat)
 *I love ANYTHING grape, but a grape limeade makes me a little goo goo*
Fruit Punch
 *I’ve always loved this combination for a quick drink in a snap, but the almond extract would only make it that much better!  Plus, I’m proud to say this popular food blogger (Jaclyn @ Cooking Classy) is my nephew’s darling wife! What an amazing girl!
Hmmm.  What to make, what to make.
I can see I’m going to have to make all of them at least once.  So many good choices out there!
I’ll be stewing over this one for a day or two…
If you have other suggestions for other non alcoholic New Years Eve drinks, please comment below.
Also, for some delicious dip ideas click HERE.



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