Fighting Those Winter Blues

So I had a momentary breakdown the other day.  This is nothing new to me during the winter months.  I am aware of this disruption in my sanity and do all I can… Continue reading

Make a Christmas Budget and Stick With It!

How are you doing on your Holiday budget?  Do you HAVE a Holiday budget? Well if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late! There are still two full weeks until Christmas and if… Continue reading

Corn Flakes Christmas Wreaths

Today’s post is brought to you by… Calli, Kade, and Joyschool! (Any Joyschool moms out there?) Calli and Kade have been begging to make these, so we just whipped up a batch today.… Continue reading

Decorate Your Chandelier For The Holidays

// So, I was walking through Tai Pan Trading last Christmas season, (which by the way is one of my favorite stores EVER!) and I saw the most beautiful thing!  I looked up,… Continue reading

Family Home Evening – Gingerbread Houses and Committing to Christ

One of our favorite family activities in December is to make gingerbread houses!  This is what our family will be doing for family night tonight.   But not until I first give a short… Continue reading

Teaching Your Children How to Pray

Heaven Help Our Kids! Right?  Isn’t that what we want?  This is a very tender subject for me, because I feel like there is nothing more precious, and important, than a child’s relationship… Continue reading

Sticky Popcorn Balls

This is one of my favorite snack recipes ever!  Not just because they are the perfect thing to satisfy a sweet tooth, but also because they are the quickest little things to make. … Continue reading

45 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

And/Or The Twelve Days of Christmas Christmas is coming quickly this year!   It’s always so much fun to surprise another family (usually a family in need) with The Twelve Days of Christmas. But… Continue reading

One Of My All Time Favorite Treasures!

My Book Of Thoughts Years ago, my parents gave me and my brothers and sisters a little black and white book with our name on it, called My Book of Thoughts.   I can’t… Continue reading

Turkey Waldorf Salad

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!I know I did! 🙂 Today we find ourselves back to real life.  That’s a good thing.  I think I’ve already gained 5 holiday pounds!   Now… Continue reading