A Winter Wedding…

winter wedding

It could not have been more perfect.


She didn’t necessarily want a winter wedding and God knew it!

He provided the most beautiful November day for a celebration.

winter wedding

They are a perfect match!

I believe a match absolutely made in heaven!

We can’t go further without acknowledging the amazing photography of Shey Allen Films.

winter wedding

Don’t they look like royalty?

Or is that just because I’m one of the moms? 😉

This picture of their profiles really gets me…. they are such a beautiful couple!

winter wedding

Do you know how your heart expands when you have a child?

If you’ve never had a child, you can’t imagine how your heart opens up and makes room for that child, in my opinion.

I’m feeling some feelings similar to that…my heart is expanding in another whole different way!

I absolutely LOVE this sweet girl and am becoming very protective of her.

winter wedding

She is becoming a daughter to me.

We are so happy he found her and brought her into our lives!!


winter wedding

The wedding was performed in the beautiful Pocatello Temple.

I couldn’t believe that we didn’t have to wear coats on November 28th in Idaho!!

winter wedding

wedding day

I love the love these kids have for each other!!!!

I’m not adding many of the photos here just to respect Tayla’s family’s privacy.

My family has to put up with me sharing them. 😉

Following the wedding, had the reception in a local church building.

The cake was simple yet stunning!

winter wedding


winter wedding

winter wedding

Of course hot cocoa would be served for a winter wedding and it was DELICIOUS!

winter wedding

winter wedding

winter wedding

winter wedding

Needless to say, I am looking forward to a long and happy life together for these two cuties!

Our hearts are so full!

winter wedding

winter wedding

If you missed his proposal, you can read all about that HERE.




A huge believer in “if you’re not pretty on the inside, then you’re not pretty on the outside!” Wife, mother of 5, model, actress. Sharing things that bring JOY.

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Cindy Hannam
2 years ago

oh Cammi! This wedding was stunning. It was absolutely perfect in every regard. Congrats to the blessed couple! xxoo Cindyh

Lisa Richardson
2 years ago

Oh Cammi, what a special day. You looked beautiful and proud. Such a precious couple. Everything looked picture perfect. XO

2 years ago

Cammi … my heart is full for you. What a beautiful beautiful day. The bride, the groom, her dress … the parents and siblings. Oh, and the setting! As a connoisseur (and daily drinker) of cocoa what a thrill to find a cocoa bar … along with all the other goodies. Best wishes to the happy couple and their parents as they embark on this new journey together. xo

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