More Gift Ideas…

more gift ideas

Christmas is in T minus 13 days guys, so let’s check quickly!  How ya doing? Are you about ready? Here are a few more gift ideas for the people in your life.

more gift ideas

More gift ideas for him:

  • Beautiful air fresheners from Wild North Designs are much prettier than those tacky little trees. Each system comes with a designer case, a pre-loaded cork insert tab, and a bottle of recharging fragrance oil to last a long time! The Bora Bora scent smells just like the ever-popular volcano candle!! Use code CAMMISCODE for 15% off through 12/14!
  • PUMA Duffel Bag – For him to take while traveling or to the gym. It has literally thousands of excellent ratings! Wate
  • Water-resistant Soft Shell Jacket – this has packets and a full zipper front. Good looking and at a great price!
  • Tire Pressure gauge – Again, tens of thousands of excellent reviews!  This would be a great stocking stuffer for any driver!
  • Camping Hammock – I think this has been on my list every year.  It’s perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors! My kids prefer sleeping in this over a tent BY FAR.
  • Jack Black Anti Aging Skin Care – Is your man into taking care of his skin? This set is a great place to start!
  • Acne Fighting Kit for teens – This is TRIED and TRUE at our house!! It’s the only thing that has cleared up my teenagers’ skin and they love it!
  • Beach Slides – I got a pair of these for everyone in my family! Gift them alone or along with their Christmas pj’s,
  • Mocassin Slippers – If your husband isn’t into beach slides, how about these handsome slippers? My husband LOVES mocassins!
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million fragrance – This has gone VIRAL all over TikTok and my son is dying for it! You can also get it in a stocking stuffer size.
  • Battery Operated light – For the shed, closet, under stairs, and its motion sensored!

More gift ideas for teen/young adult girl

more gift ideas

These are straight off her list!

  • Any and all colorful Converse high tops – She made it clear, they MUST NOT have the lugged sole like THESE. 
  • Thread Wallet – these carry their money and driver’s license in one place and apparently high school kids love these! They come in a ton of fun colors too.  She wanted simple black this year. Make sure you get a lanyard to go with it.
  • Lanyard – To go with the Thread Wallet.
  • Fun Gel Nail Kit – Girls love love love pretty nails! Can’t go wrong with this for a gift. Thousands of great reviews.
  • Baggy Sweatpants – She chose these exact ones and wanted the color light pink.
  • Dr. Martens Addina Flower Buckle Shoes – She wanted these so badly that she didn’t wait for Christmas and bought them herself! They go so cute with all the outfits teen girls and young adults wear these days. For a cheaper option, she liked THESE as well, but not as much.
  • Nike Blazers – Another popular shoe option in light pink.
  • Vlogging Video Camera – I was surprised by this one! But it would make a great gift!


And a couple more stocking stuffers for her:


Click on the images below to shop.

  • Tarte Shape Tape is the best concealer! I love how it brightens my under eye area.
  • 24 Hr Brow Setter – We both love this! It holds your brows in perfect shape, even when trying on clothes!
  • The Brow Trio – This is for any woman in your life… I will forever sing it’s praises!!! It is far less expensive than microblading your brows but gives you the look of perfect eyebrows. Love love love!
  • Urban Decay Palette – this is a GREAT neutral palette with colors that go with all eye colors.
  • Voluminous Mascara – There are some other options, but “Original” is the one that I’ve found to be best.



Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog!!

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Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
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