Fiddle Leaf Fig Care…

fiddle leaf fig care

We interrupt our regular scheduled fashion posts…

to bring you an update on my Fiddle Leaf Fig tree!

I shared back on Instagram a couple of weeks ago that my poor plant that has lived a happy, healthy 4 years by my kitchen window had all of the sudden started turning yellow with brown spots and leaves falling off!

Being a tender-hearted person to all things precious, this made me so sad! It’s like it came out of the blue.

I got busy trying to figure it out.  I’ll skip to the good part and tell you that my sweet tree is doing much better.

Here’s what I did and some Fiddle Leaf Fig care 101, by Cammi. 😉

fiddle leaf fig care

Why I was so confused.

Remember that I said it had lived a happy life for 4 years?

My immediate thought was that it was a water issue.  But I had learned how much water it needed and it wasn’t much.  I would go weeks in between watering. I rotated it often.

And it thrived on that routine. So I knew it wasn’t a water or light issue.

After researching the heck out of Fiddle Leaf Fig care and concerns, I decided my poor plant must be root bound and needed a new pot.

fiddle leaf fig care

Best practices for repotting a Fiddle Leaf Fig:

Here is how I cared for my dear fiddle leaf after doing some study.

ONE: I didn’t jump to a huge pot.  It could shock the plant.  I got a pot that is only about 2″ larger than the pot that it’s currently planted in.

fiddle leaf fig care

TWO: When replanting, it’s best not to disturb the roots.  Did you know?? As a pretty good gardener, this goes against everything I have ever learned in all my years of planting flowers and veggies!! But apparently, they don’t do well if their roots are messed with.

fiddle leaf fig care

THREE:  I added a good fertilizer specifically made for Fiddle Leaf Figs. This particular one that I used is good for 6 months. 2X/yr!

FOUR:  I got a water meter to monitor the moisture of the soil. Just to be sure.

fiddle leaf fig care

Here is the fertilizer that I used and the water monitor that came highly recommended from a friend on Instagram:

I shared a video on Instagram of the potting process and while repotting another leaf fell off! 😭

But I felt like I was helping it the best I could and now I just needed to wait and see.



I am happy to report that my Fiddle Leaf Fig care is showing success!

In fact, one of the yellowest leaves at the time that I re-potted has started to turn green again! Ever so slowly and slightly, but it’s turning green again!!!! WIN!

fiddle leaf fig care

Have I mentioned I love my big, precious tree??

fiddle leaf fig care

Bonus tips for taking care of a fiddle leaf fig.

  • Do not water too much.  Definitely get a water meter.
  • Water with lukewarm or room temperature water. Fiddle leaf figs do not like cold water.  They are a warm-weather plant.  Think of rains in the Philippines.
  • Place them where they will get plenty of light but no direct rays.
  • Rotate them often so they don’t lean in one direction and stand up straight.
  • Periodically clean the leaves by wiping off the dust so they can “breathe”.
  • Watch that it doesn’t outgrow the pot like mine did and re-pot as needed. Make sure the new pot is only 2″ larger than the previous one.
  • Show it lots of love!! Talk to it! Caress its leaves.🥰 It is a living, breathing organism and will respond to that love.

fiddle leaf fig care        fiddle leaf fig care        fiddle leaf fig care

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog!!

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D'Arcy vandenberg
1 year ago

Really Great tips.

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
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