Target Christmas Home Decor That Is Still Available…

christmas home decor

With so many people decorating for Christmas earlier than ever, sometimes it’s hard for the later decorators to find what they’re looking for! Luckily, I just scoured the Target holiday section and found some great Christmas home decor that is still available.


Christmas home decor

christmas home decor

My style is more of a simple, neutral palette.  I’m not too fond of a very cluttered look.  All of these pieces I would incorporate into my home.

Let’s talk about how to style them.

      • Faux fur blanket.

        This is a must for Christmas and, well… all winter long!  Leave it on the chair or couch so anyone can grab it if they are needing to warm up or get cozy.

      • Wreath.

        This eucalyptus wreath is a little different from the traditional pine wreath but I LOVE eucalyptus in wintertime! Hang it on the wall above an entryway table or a window or door.

      • Candles. 

        I love the ambiance that candles give to a room, especially during the holidays! Taller candles HERE, shorter candles HERE. I think it’s a good idea to have these types of candles on hand in the case of a power outage. If you prefer flameless candles, THESE are a great option and mimic a real flame but without the hazard! Put them in glass containers by themselves or on a bed of glass beads or pinto beans.  It’s such a pretty look! OR place them in a group of three on a platter with faux pine and berries around it. A wreath works well too.

      • Glass Containers.

        These are so pretty with lit candles inside them. Or, fill them with pinecones, Christmas candies, or 1/3 the way full with pinto beans, and then set a candle on top of that. The large container is HERE and the shorter one is HERE. You can usually pick them up from the dollar or thrift store for pennies.

      • Flocked Christmas tree.

        White flocking is so pretty! This one has tons of great reviews and is still available!

      • French country mirror. 

        This has taken the internet by storm!!! It is the IT mirror right now and will be a treasure for years to come! Set it on a mantel with trees, deer, and candles, etc around it. So pretty!

      • Christmas sign

        .  This one is cute and quite small which would be perfect for a mantel.  If you want something bigger, THIS ONE is on my entryway table and we LOVE IT! It gets compliments all the time from visitors.

      • Pine garland. 

        Boy, you can sure spend a lot when it comes to garland!  I think this one is the sweet spot between quality and price.

      • Wooden bead garland.

        These are so pretty hanging on the tree or draped and hanging from a garland, giving a touch of earthiness and texture. Pro tip: for an extra voluminous garland, layer two of the same kind or different kinds together!

      • Lit star garland. 

        This would be pretty hanging with a garland along your stairway, adding a touch of light and sparkle.

      • Chair for seating

        A couple of these chairs would be so pretty flanking the fireplace, with the faux fur blanket above hanging off the arm.

      • Buy a fireplace!!

        Get a fireplace without all the demolition that would take place if you installed one. Easy peasy! And you could put it anywhere you wish.

      • Stockings

        I love these simple white stockings. I’ve included THEIR HANGERS too which are made of metal and marble.  So pretty!

Furthermore, don’t wait!

Time is ticking and stores don’t want excess Christmas decor hanging around after the holidays.  Likewise, they would rather sell out than have to sell their items at 50% off.  So if you like something, grab it while it’s still in stock.

Merry Christmas!

Have fun with all the holiday festivities!!


Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog!!

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D'Arcy vandenberg
1 year ago

Great picks Cammi!

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you stopping by my blog! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
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